Don Mills, Ontario. So I always wondered who "don mills" was, perhaps the developer of the city or something? Ive met some people named "don mills" so I had to find out. Turns out it was built by a development company called Don Mills road, which was called that because it ran along the river Don to these mills. Don river was named after the river Don in England, which was named after the Celtic Goddess Dôn. So Don Mills, the commercial juggernaut and clearing house capital of Canada, is a celtic goddess' enterprise. Sometimes I think we are actually travelling backwards through time so these ironic jokes can be written about our various enterprises. I wish it was named after Don Most though. Don Most Ontario sounds better.

Ben Bernake gives middle finger to middle america!

Another NEW BRAND!!! Psychic Sauce! You can add it to anything, and I think it makes you predict stuff once injested orally?
check out "" for me. new stuff there.

NEW BRAND!!! Air Magnetic. Im not sure if I should make it an actual concept motorization technology, some kind of parody, or a cool band name. Not sure. Could even be an ad agency name. Ad agencies have weird names.

fixed! and in only 30 minutes? Who gets fired?

CNN funny mistake:
CNN: Bush pledges we're going to come this economic crisis?

Sarah Palin Doll, now with talking points!

HarvestMoon featuring jody cail

some mixin featurin dwayne cote and jody cail


my friend John Dunsworth

new link: the War on intelligence dot com!

Whats with all this Ron Paul spam?

My second life character's blog:

My second life character:

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NEW: a game!

MAC VS PC added aug 18 / 06

us flag with 50 stripes. I dont think it looks too weird.

MAY 31 adding ads!

December 9


<-- boobs

panexa - important information about people with blood circulation, Two Separate Feet (2SF), digestion, or other issues.

December 6

Genericise the magazine is out! Download your copy now!
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December 1

Some funny quotes:
"If you dont pay your exorcist, you'll get repossessed!"
"Sofa King, my couches arent just big, their Sofa King big!"
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also, Ive been adding articles to under the name "mrrealtime".
my favorite board: Basically any question you ask will be answered, possibly even correctly, within the hour by numerous experts!

Here is a link to Grace's yoga blog:

Nov. 22

Last Fair Deal
Ben Fong Vocoder
chockolateforbrains (ukulele by Ed Beals*)
barry the book bear (art by Ed Beals*)

Nov. 19


Some music:


And Free music software! (its just free not 24.95)

man in the box
man in the box part 2

And Finging around

my profile on zed:

Nov. 18 Here is my darker side...actually just some art based on that tv know.

Marguerite Remixed...

Nov.16 '05 OK OK sometimes spelling does matter.

Dont we all deserve one of these??

I carved that guy out of wood by the way.

Oct. '05

once you've copied and pasted some text in here, time yourself reading it, then jumblit, then time yourself reading it again.

This is all about proving how unimportant proper spelling and grammar actually is.

"Dont make the font bigger, make the idea bigger"


Always check back for updates. I'll just keep adding dumb things to this site.

*Ed has no affiliation with me or this website--he'll probably ask me to take down that link if he finds out. But at least he'd have to contact me, which would be great!